Top 5 NFT projects to BUY in 2022

2022.01.19 14:48 Nft4light Top 5 NFT projects to BUY in 2022

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2022.01.19 14:48 Geruchsbrot Ein "Nachtclub"

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2022.01.19 14:48 fenderrun I have some questions for getting into this profession

I am looking to change careers. I have a good job right now, with retirement, benefits, 401k, but I'm bored. My wife and I are stuck in this loop where we make just enough to make rent, but not enough to save anything meaningful as the cost of living keeps increasing.
I have been thinking about getting into trucking, traveling the country with a cab behind me, and just going, but I have some questions

  1. Can I bring my wife with me? We love each other and she wants to come along, and I would want her to. We have been through hell and back and aren't sick of each other yet so I don't see that as a problem. I'm not sure if that is allowed however. We kind of want to just sell our stuff and our apartment and just live on the road for a few years and make some good money so we can get a house. She's a good mechanic, me not so much, I think we would make a good team.
  2. Pros and cons?
  3. Am I idolizing this profession? To me this is a really cool profession. I've traveled the country when I was in my teens in a compact SUV and loved it. I want to do it again with my wife. I know it's mostly highways and just bringing freight, but I still think it would be a really great way to bond and make good money in the process
Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this
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2022.01.19 14:48 justhax13 doing some trading, very interested in the skins that are marked

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2022.01.19 14:48 hyoriworks Leaving my permanent bedside job for contract to hire for vaccinator position, feeling nervous?

I'm a medsurg/COVID nurse with a little over 1 year experience, am part time but technically work full time hours, part of a union, I'm burnt out and overwhelmed, and generally am exhausted with my job. I've been searching for jobs outside of bedside life with no success so far. I recently, however, got an offer for contract to hire for a vaccination position, pays slightly more than what I make now (about $10 more), no benefits.
I feel like this change in workflow/environment might help with my overwhelming feelings about nursing (and calm my urge to leave nursing altogether), but I'm scared about whether this is a good move because I know job security is a big issue with contract positions. The benefits my union currently offers are good, and I know my job on my floor is secure, but I feel that the work has mentally exhausted me, and I've noticed changes with myself that scare me.
Has anyone ever made the switch to contract? Looking for some advice because I don't really have anyone to talk to in terms of career. This will be my 2nd job if I take it, and I'm just really anxious about this big leap.
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2022.01.19 14:48 PharaohDee 2 more weeks??

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2022.01.19 14:48 Toxicblue0 The collection so far (:

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2022.01.19 14:48 Antagonist_ Approval voting: The political reform engineers — and voters — love

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2022.01.19 14:48 machopooh What’s your go-to quick bar?

Just curious what tools and items people always have on hand!
My quick bar looks like: Weapon, Pickaxe, Food (usually cow cheese), mega bombs, regular bomb, espresso, watering can, hoe, axe, horse flute and return scepter.
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2022.01.19 14:48 AgoraphobicAgorist I just noticed...

If you swap out a couple key words..
Chads/Femoids/sex entitlement
Capitalism/bourgeoisie/money entitlement
Socialist rhetoric is eerily similar to that of incels...
Thanks for reading my troll of the day.
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2022.01.19 14:48 zigzaggingzephyr Shells

Crunch. Crunch. I discern her feet on a shell. I am scowling now, I hope she can tell.
Earnest, her voice calls me from steps behind. ‘If you would let me help, I know your kind. There’s a way through it, each and every time.’
‘You can not help, so leave! Away!’ I yell. ‘I, I alone know what will make me well!’ She tiptoed out, and my guard never fell.
Why she would choose to help, I can’t quite find. Hmmm..….perhaps….this burden isn’t just mine?
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2022.01.19 14:48 Viquerino Nonrealistic but Believable Greek Divines (Part 1)

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2022.01.19 14:48 Doritogamez4241 H: B2525 Fixer + F2525 Handmade + Q2525 Tesla. W: a legacy offer (my 3 for 1 legacy)

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2022.01.19 14:48 AbigailBlount How do I incorporate my mcr shirt into a fancy(ish) outfit

Basically I have an upcoming concert for the choir I'm in and we're supposed to wear something fancy, but the thing is I want to wear my mcr shirt since my solo song is the world is ugly. The question I have is, how do I incorporate my mcr shirt into a fancier outfit (I typically wear black pants, black undershirt and then a short sleeved shirt on top, do anything fancier that that)
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2022.01.19 14:48 CuriousResearcher506 Metahero is available on Guarda wallet. You can store it along with 50+ coins and 400k tokens.

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2022.01.19 14:48 StarvingArtist2000 [For Hire] I do character art, design and illustration. Contact me if you're interested. Details in the comment section

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2022.01.19 14:48 InspiraSean86 Someone commissioned a “shattered Hyrule” that had places and names similar to that of the old world, but jostled around

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2022.01.19 14:48 LogicalLogistics I (M19) am in a very complicated situation with my long time best friend (F19) where we act like we're together but.. we technically aren't? Then my trust was shattered, and now it feels like we just can't communicate

This girl is the girl of my dreams, for years I've wanted her and finally i kinda got her. For the first few months it was amazing, but slowly the definition of what we really are got to my head and I'm pretty much just constantly insecure and feeling like I'm temporary, or that there's something else happening that I'm unaware of. I don't understand this situation at all, she says it's just because she "isn't ready for a relationship", but we have a full on relationship we just don't call it one.. it doesn't make it any less of one. If someone isnt ready for one then they shouldnt be ready for what her and I have now, you aren't just not ready for the title..? She makes me cute gifts and we call eachother pet names and spend as much time as possible together, all just for my brain to write it off as fake because of our title. It makes me feel like she just wants me physically or to fill a gap, and the things she's doing are just what she needs to do to keep me.. it's tough but I've been able to push past that so far and try and tell myself that's not the case.
Her and I have been 'together' for about a year and a half now, and there is just... So much that confuses me.
1). Her and I fully act like bf/gf in public and among her school friends and people like her cousin, and have been since we started. Except she tells me this is just a "situationship" and she doesn't want anyone in her immediate family knowing or her ex of 5 years who she still talks to, who she pretty much broke up with for me. There's no hint of me on any of her social media accounts at all.
2). We have high relationship expectations for eachother and have promised things like staying exclusive for the other person, yet whenever I express that I might need something or need reassurance because of how complicated we are, she either gets upset or uses the situation to basically say she feels she shouldn't have to do certain things for me. She gives reassurance but it's always reluctant and feels fake.. she gets mad and rolls her eyes a lot when i talk about that stuff. I've been pretty much expected to be a full boyfriend, planning dates and picking her up and going out to drive her home when she's out late at night, and if I slack in those she gets upset. If I complain about how she's been acting or something I've not been getting then I get "well I'm not forcing you to be in this situation" instead of anything to show care, which makes me feel completely unwanted.
3)... We broke eachothers trust about 3-4mo ago. She was acting strange and distant for a while, and one day when she came over I went through her phone (a terrible thing to do and I know that, no excuse for it. i haven't since and won't again..) and found out that she'd been talking to her first boyfriend again, and he'd been flirting with her and she'd been talking about it to her cousin and seemed happy he was flirty, and talked about "how good he'd look in a boyfriend photo with your bf"... which immediately shattered all of my trust with that. I also broke her trust by going on her phone, which yeah after i found that out it was mainly me apologizing, i still don't feel that I got any genuine apology. i also found out she had hung out with her most recent ex at least once and not told me, they didn't do anything bad but.. she had previously promised to tell me if she was going to, as they planned to remain friends (which I'm okay with, of course drives insecurity especially in the situation we're in though). Now she hides all texts and never talks about when they talk or anything.
4) Now she's upset that I'm not doing enough.. She said that she filled out a list of things that she wants from someone in a relationship, and some of the few important things that her ex did for her that she said she's never gotten from me. She said she doesn't want to tell me what it is though because it "takes the meaning away from it". This is my second "relationship" and the longest so far, I've had barely anyone do anything romantic for me for reference, and yet she has to make me complete this puzzle? Like, if I want something I talk about it, I don't wanna just sit unhappy in this while making her figure out what she's doing wrong. She doesn't want to communicate at all, i just want to know what she craves and i want to do those things for her. I randomly make her things and do lovey things for her, she says that i do a lot more than her ex did and i do certain things that he didn't, but none of that feels like it matters because I'm missing this one thing I've never been exposed to. And now I'm expected to figure it out I guess?
I guess it's just felt like the whole time I've been fighting for this situation and pushing past my own fears and emotions to do things for her, while she won't make near the same sacrifice for me and only ever expects more from me.. it feels like I'm fighting for her and she's fighting to get rid of me almost. It feels like I mean barely anything to the person I see as my whole world.
I don't even really know what I want to achieve with this post, I mostly just wrote it to get everything out. Reading it i feel absolutely insane. I guess I really just need affirmation that either I'm being a dumb idiot and should be fighting harder, or a dumb idiot for being here in the first place. and thanks for sticking around, I know that all was probably painful to read.
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2022.01.19 14:48 red-mont I feel like my life is over but it's not

I'm a metal fabricator age 29M I bought two properties that I rented out by age 23 then got cheated on by my high school girlfriend just to have her screw everybody I thought was my friend but one friend that ended up killing himself. Ended up selling both properties just to get a DUI I got for sleeping in my car after getting kicked out of a party for being stupid drunk and that drained my entire bank account. moved to Cali and thought everything was looking good until corona hit then got laid off cleared out my bank account and had to move back to my home town where I get paid half as much and rent is insane. I'm working night shift now, living off gas station food and sleeping all day just to be waking up late for work. I literally have no Hobby's anymore I can't even find time to go to the grocery store or even fix my ticking time bomb of a car. the stress is driving me crazy to the point where I have nightmares of situations of me getting laid off or some Random co-working starting a fight with me just to get me fired. I feel like I died a while ago and I'm just living in my own hell working to hardly live. I really don't know what to do to get myself out of this downward spiral I'm trying to focus on my health but I'm just so freaking sad about where I'm at and feel hopeless it can get better
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2022.01.19 14:48 tw_bot Dean Sten Vermund Elected Vice President of the Connecticut Academy of Science & Engineering - Yale School of Medicine

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2022.01.19 14:48 takeamap two ancient fruits on 17th of spring year 1!!! was EXTREMELY lucky with the mines and got two ancient seeds (+a crop fairy)

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2022.01.19 14:48 MajooAlice Elaina x Saya on Valentines

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2022.01.19 14:48 thug_nine Ex golpista

Namorava uma mina que teve o barraco q ele morava inundada, sem condições para morar lá fomos procurar outras casas, não achamos nenhuma apenas as de imobiliária, como ela não tinha nome limpo nem renda, pus a casa no meu nome para ajudar. Terminamos e ela deixou uma dívida de 5k no meu cpf. Foram muitas discussões pra ela pagar a própria dívida , até a entrada de 1k q teve q pagar para parcelar o restante eu emprestei. Hoje ela arrumou uma desculpa, inventou uma história que um fake dizia q eu levava mulheres para lá, como eu já conheço a peça, eu sei q ela mesmo que armou essa cena só pra não pagar. Enfim só queria desabafar, torço para q o karma existe.
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2022.01.19 14:48 bzzking Solo Ethereum Miner Hits The Jackpot With 170 ETH For Mining A Block

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2022.01.19 14:48 BearHandsDesign H E L H E I M - The death has arrived!

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